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Building Types And Styles In Singapore

Traditional architecture in Singapore includes the Malay houses, shophouses, black and white bungalows and religious places of worship. Architecture and design construction are styles to suit the environmental conditions and aesthetic aspirations of the population. 

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When talking about traditional architecture in Singapore, certain considerations must be kept in mind. Most of the population of Singapore is now stored in the HDB unit and does not see the need to build their traditional houses.

HBD (Housing Development Board) is a government-subsidized apartment block. 80-85% of Singaporeans live in HBD flats.

Traditional skills in building gradually lost, especially with the modernization of the attack, in which citizens are more likely to buy an HDB unit.

Traditional building requires constant attention in the maintenance work because of the high level of damage from the humid tropical weather and termites.

This is the traditional dwellings that existed prior to the arrival of foreigners in the region and (and still is) being built by indigenous Malays from the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and Borneo (including Indonesia). The Malays of Singapore's early would no doubt have built similar structures for protection against the elements.

Traditional architectural structures built with elements and social settings in mind, as well as the availability of local ingredients. Natural bindings allow more flexibility and more commonly used instead of nails. Wood perforated to allow the joining pieces of wood.