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secondary 1 maths exam paper

Valuable Tips For Toddlers to Beat Exam Stress In Singapore

Exams can be a frantic time for the students. They have started preparing, making their study itinerary, taking down lectures on notebooks, taking extra classes on the subjects they are weak at, and even cracking open a book or two.

However, it's not only about preparing the lessons but getting ready mentally too.

Here are some valuable tips for toddlers to beat the stress before and during exams:

Make the right preparations

Learn about the paper model of the exam and the size of the grade each question carries. Take advice from teachers and read textbooks carefully. You can also buy secondary 1 maths exam papers via

Parents should encourage their young child to pay special attention to topics and chapters where he or she feels weak and takes more time to study. For example, children who are weak in math need to spend more time doing it, whereas those who are weak in language need to focus on it.

Prepare a schedule

Parents should help their children stick to a schedule by dividing their time appropriately between topics and leisure. The latter is important because children need to take breaks between lessons in order to concentrate well and do better on exams.

Keep calm

Young children shouldn't spend more than 45 minutes studying because their brainpower can't hold it. Instead, they should stay calm and keep their mind calm before the test.

Eat healthily

Diet will play a big role in preparing your child for the test. To deal with stress, children need to consume energetic foods and drinks. Nuts, vegetables, fresh fruit juices, low-calorie sodas, herbal teas, plenty of water, homemade smoothies, soups and salads keep them cool and hydrated on the inside and help them pass the test.