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Secure Your System

How To Secure Your System From Website Hackers

The pirates and potential hackers are seen everywhere trying to inflict all kinds of evil to a website that they can penetrate. So what additional tips that can help one prevent such attacks against hackers?

  • Avoid using Internet Explorer to connect to your website. This web browser is more vulnerable to hacker attacks more than any web browser known to man. You can use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Any Web browser other than Internet Explorer would. However, There are various security solutions that you can take from the companies like CodeSealer for the web security.

  • Change your password every week. Do not use your name or the name of a known thing. In fact, using capital letters, lower case numbers and symbols, if possible, and keep it long. Do senseless to prevent dictionary attacks.
  • Always avoid variable data before running SQL scripts to return the login information for your system.
  • Avoid open source as word press applications, Movable Type and Media Wiki if you can. These applications are open source and so hackers can always find a good guess as to where the login screens. There are also potholes in some codes that can easily be exploited to attack your site.
  • The data is transmitted back and forth can be easily sniffed. Therefore site applications should always be encrypted with SSL.
  • Always update your open source applications
  • Always keep your firewall turned on to block the attacks
  • Get a good antivirus program, keep it updated and often analyze.