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shungite water kit

Shungite What is it and what can it do for you?

Shungite is the mineral-rich black rock found in the Karelian region of Russia which had 'fullerenes' unusual structure that helps it bind to radiation and other toxins.

The need for protection against electromagnetic pollution is greater than ever before. Intelligent technology, cell phones, Wi-Fi and a scanner at the airport our exposure to very high levels, and studies have shown harmful effects on the brain, the cells and the electrical signals in the body increases. You can also look for shungite home water infusion kit online.

The ubiquitous nature of that – many people are aware EMFs affect them until they remove or protect themselves from them.

The discovery of fullerenes (a unique carbon structure) in 1985 the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was then given, preceded the discovery of fullerenes naturally found in rocks Karelian shungite in the area of Russia in 1992.

It has given a new direction in the study of radiation protection and water purification. Fullerenes have also been found in fulgurites in India and the United States, in some grades of activated carbon, around the volcano and the gas chamber.

Some of the health benefits of Shungite

  • The increase in liver detoxification
  • Prevention and treatment of intoxicated
  • Increase blood flow to the heart
  • protective effects on the liver, primarily to alcohol
  • a protective effect on the brain for toxicity, especially alcohol
  • Cardio-protection – inhibits myocardial toxicity and muscle function normalization
  • The removal of toxins from water without the need for screening