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thumb sucking device

Effective Thumb Sucking Appliance To Stop The Habit

If you want to stop your toddler’s habit of thumb sucking, there are some products available for that. These products often cover your kid's thumb and stop your child from sucking his thumb. This tactic is a little controversial, some experts say covering the thumb of your child is evil and others say it is nothing wrong to stop the habit. For more information about the thumb sucking appliance visit

What should you use?

If you can intercept the behaviour in the moments before it occurs, you can offer your child a blanket or favourite toy to help self-soothe before it comes to an inch.

There are also several products on the market designed to stop thumb-sucking.

  • Thumbster's glove has a lycra coating that goes on the thumb of the child. Glovey huggey is best suited for older children.

  • To stop thumb sucking, finger sucking Guard is best suited for children 1 to 5 years. This finger guard is supposed to cover the finger or thumb of the child. 

  • There are also bitter, nontoxic Mavala stops. You brush it on the finger or thumb of your children to keep them from putting their finger in their mouth. 

Overall, thumb sucking can be finished if you agree with your statement. If you are concerned about thumb sucking or are looking for other solutions, talk to the dentist for your child. It's likely he or she can offer some advice as well.