Uniforms in Dubai – What is So Great About Them?

The beauty of wearing uniforms in Dubai is that you can be an army captain, an airline captain, a medical officer or a police officer. The wear of your uniform is a symbol of how much respect you have for the UAE government.

It was a few years ago when I met a non-residential officer of Qatar Airways and she told me that one of her employees had to stop wearing her uniform because she was going on a new job and she didn't want to offend any Qatari customs by walking into work in her uniform. So I asked her if she knew anyone like that and she said no, not that she knew of.

She then said: "it has happened to me and I was very sad about it. But when I looked at the bright side, I am getting the salary I deserve!"

You see, the use of uniforms is becoming a trend in Qatar too. They really want to show their strength and respect for the Emir and all of his people. So, the feeling among many people is that when you wear your uniform you are not only showing off your patriotism but you are also showing that you care for your fellow countrymen and it's what makes a great nation.

In Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, there are many international companies that send their employees to work in Dubai. In fact, a lot of foreign embassies have offices in Dubai and so, there are many local expats who have great respect for the UAE government and for all of its citizens.

All around the world, they have their own version of what it means to wear uniforms. In the United States, it's not just a matter of personal taste. Everybody wants to dress nicely for a job and you don't get to choose what style of uniform you will wear if you're working for the United States Army. I remember being in the Navy at one time and being assigned to an aircraft carrier and being placed in the bridge by the Captain. We had a proper uniform and all of our clothing had the right size and color so that we would look our best and if you were to get caught in the rain, there would be no problem.

There are certain rules that you have to follow and if you break them you could be faced with some kind of disciplinary action. Just because you're wearing your uniforms doesn't mean that you have to be caught dead in your uniform, but it does mean that you are making a statement. So, wear yours with pride.